My Mama


I knew your heartbeat from the inside. You knew me as I formed inside you. From the second I was born you have seen me. You have nurtured, laughed, played, and taught. You have walked with me, showing me grace and sacrificial love. I have learned unconditional acceptance, to see beauty in the broken. 

I have learned how to arrange a room well and make a house feel like home. I have had so many adventures at your side. Your laugh is contagious, and your passion is lovely, and you taught me to dream big, wide-open dreams. 

You give grace and move mountains, you cry easily and live life alive. You hug long and smile wide, and there’s peace and joy just  from being in your presence. 

But most importantly, you love deeply. Just like that beautiful mother before you, I long to learn that to. You are a mother to many, and I don’t mind sharing, because of how much love you have to give. 

Thank you for emulating beauty, and joy, and graciousness, and peace, and refuge, and love. You will never know how much you are valued and adored. I love you, Mama. 


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