A Day of Passage

Today marks a day of passage. A day of newness kissing the breath of what has been. Today brings a culmination of the traverse of experiences that have made my life what I have known.

Today marks a time where pushing past is no longer, and the time to breathe is my option.

Today becomes the here and now, a wall of crumbled stone that I climb over to seek the new sun, the fresh air, the world in all its fullness—where colour and life and vitality are mine.

All that I have learned has led me to this— where the new one whom I am yearning and becoming and the One whom I love converge and I see it all fresh again.

I will grasp to not leave behind the value, the lessons, the processings, the gaping open, but will open my hands to let go of the one who was here before.

I will live in the ocean of grace waves before me.

Please forgive the audacious idea that life is renewed, but my eyes are wide open and I believe that its true.

So now, out of the white comes creative and life, like a re-creation that stems from a re-membering.

And the beauty goes round and round, and I’m all in again.


*This day marks an end of an intense journey. In the past three months, I have seen a beautiful new land with new people I love, we have gotten a new place, we have traveled different cities, I have started a new and wonderful job, God has grown and stretched me more than ever, and I am graduating after an eighteen credit semester, amidst work and all of the other craziness of life. So I want to say a sincere thank you to my professors, and my beloved family and friends. Thank you for taking this wayward soul and building her up, for moving with me, and for the countless lessons you have taught me.*


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