This is Five Minute Friday, about all the time I have to write these days… But I join up with many beautiful people writing their hearts for five minutes too…



There are weeks that overtake and I drown in the saturation of overwhelming. where my emotions are high and my strength is not and he is there beside me. These are the weeks where I normally rage and rant and lose whatever grace I had left, managing to leave him where he stands. But this time was different. This time, the time was enough, the grace was soaked up. The moments that are few and fleeting were savored to the fullest and I saw him. I saw who he his and how he is trying and the hand that holds mine even when I am falling. He brought me key lime soda and Chinese food and spent ten minutes in the park and he held my heart softly just like I needed him too.

And this is the growth. Where I’m learning and he is too. These are the places where the world hits hard we only have these craters of moments, so worn down deep that all we can do is breathe. And we find each other in the midst of the stuff and we learn a little more of Him from the heart of another.

We aren’t meant to repair these cavernous souls, but to fill them with the soft dirt of grace and beauty and love, because the scars are there and make up a part of us, but they don’t define what we have to choose now. Our job is to find new, to cultivate and make fresh and teach each other who we are and who they are too. We mold and we sharpen and soften and grow. And the dust on our hands blows away and the refuge of the garden we’ve made grows surrounding and enough.