It’s Friday again, and that means I join many other bloggers and write for five minutes without editing or over-thinking on a topic The Gypsy Mama selects.


Oh, I see it.

Our life unfolding.

With the colors of walls and paint splattered souls.

And I see us changing.

I see us not being two separate colors anymore,

But learning to become one shade, one tone.

And maybe sometimes we mix the wrong way

and the color comes out ugly.

But soon, I do hope, that the color we create will be

more vivid than we can know.

more colorful than we dream.

That the blur of who we were and are and will be

will mingle together.

I hope this color will be painted on canvases all over this earth.

And I secretly hope that this world will make us richer, deeper,

like the jewel tones.

So that we may be precious, and valuable, and all together lovely.

And so husband, walk with me. And let’s mold together.

I promise and I yearn that my color will learn match yours.

And that we will be pure and beautiful, and unstained.

That we will be a shade of peace,

and a tone of hope.

The kaleidoscope of our natures,

a vived re-creation of two stained-glass hearts.

Formed into a glorious picture that lasts forever.


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