So today is Five Minute Friday again with The Gypsy Mama. Today is the day where I join fellow bloggers to write unedited for 5 minutes and give it to you, nervously, because it’s my raw thoughts, my bare heart… Be gracious.




I want to live my life awake. I want each day to be made up of moments that I remember, that I soaked in. I want them to breathe through me, and create me to be a new person. I want to these moments of my life to be what makes my legacy whole, what gives me wisdom to speak. And though, not all of the moments will be precious and they might not be things everyone would want to remember, I pray that I do. Because living all of life, even the not so lovely, will give us pages to write at the end of our life, and that makes it worth the noticing, the remembering.

Just like the patient I have been taking care of the past few nights. His life has been long and he has loved. He has been steadfast and humble and he now attests that his joys were in the noticing. When I asked how he remembers so many details, he says, “because they were all sparkling moments.” He loves well, and has loved long, and how many of us see the sparkling in the midst of the chaos? How many of us choose to remember the things that are forming us? That are giving us a name?

And so I want to be awake. To notice. To have my senses be fully alive in the moment. To soak it all in. Because the breaths of life are fleeting, and there is too much joy that could be missed… too much Jesus that could be forgotten.


4 responses

  1. Sparkling details, I like that. You’re right, we all have a lot of sparkling details if we just take a moment to notice and remember them. Thanks. ~Nita

  2. Loved this one…I feel like I need to cut it out and put it on my bathroom mirror to remind myself each morning to take moments to notice. Thanks, Terri

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