The Gypsy Mama: Be careful which mirrors you choose to believe

Yesterday, The Gypsy Mama, one of my absolute favorite bloggers to follow, wrote a post that I can’t seem to get out my head. “Be careful which mirrors you choose to believe”, is so true to my life. I feel as though I am constantly comparing myself to what others, without truly knowing what is going on in their minds or in their homes. I have expected to be really good at what I do, every time, right away. Like being a wife, I thought it would come so naturally, but it hasn’t. It has been a learning experience and quite a struggle. And being a musician: I just know that those who write beautiful songs just have them flow without struggle and without question, but I just can’t seem to get my songs on paper so fluidly. And so, this blog has spoken to me about whom I truly compare myself to, and what the standard really is. It encourages a quite freeing perspective, of not looking around and feeling what we are or are not measuring up to, but instead taking the time to just rest and wait and be still in what we know of God and how He sees us. And when we do this, we will see so much more clearly…

So please take a minute to read this beautifully encouraging post… Let me know how it speaks to you…



4 responses

  1. whoa… who told you musicians have music that just flows? Don’t believe the lie.
    That is like saying photographers just take one shot and it is always THE shot… no way.
    Musicians write reams of crap music before they get the one… it’s called practice.. it’s called the more crap you write or paint or take photograph… the more you get closer to the one which will make you sing!
    you must be an awesome musician for the enemy to whisper this lie to you.
    decide that you not going to let the enemy lead you… You were built for so much more.
    and HE who started a great thing… well you know the rest.

    • Thank you… I know that musicians struggle in the process as do most people, but in the middle of writing or analyzing my own songs, it is hard to see that sometimes. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. 🙂

    • Lisa-Jo, I have had so many people tell me about this blog post of yours and how much it keeps resonating in their minds, as it does mine. I soak up your encouragement! Thank you for stopping by!

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