With this ring.

With this ring, I committed my life, my everything, my heart. I committed my words, my love, my adoration. I committed that my steps would follow his, would be in step with his, would be in line with His. I committed that even if the feelings of love don’t last into eternity, my actions of love will. I committed that I will keep striving to love better, to love more, to love selflessly.

As I look at this ring, I am reminded that I have committed eternal devotion. That it is possible. Because someone has lived it out, with this same ring, before me.

My grandmother, one of the most loving people I have ever known, wore this same ring throughout her marriage. Her constant, devoted, selfless marriage. She even wore it beyond, after my grandfather passed, because she couldn’t bare to part with it. Because it meant more to her then just a symbol, it was her truth. It was the reality she invested in. He was her world, and she gave herself to him, and they lived this kind of love and devotion that some only dream of.

So I realize that when the selfless love is hard, and selfishness is all we desire, or when love comes easily and it flows from our actions, it really is possible. To love someone until the end of time, to give yourself until death do you part. It takes time, it takes energy, and it takes patience, but it’s what he and I are called to do.

Hopefully, generations will remember, and take notice that it is possible, but it is with Christ alone and a determination for devotion. I hope they see this ring and know the history of love that it surrounds. That our vows meant what they said.

And this ring is proof. This ring has watched  happen before, and it will watch it happen again.

*Photos courtesy of Jurina Photography.


3 responses

  1. Beautiful. Marriage is so wonderfully hard, and is teaching me so many deep, deep things about myself, my weakness, and my truest Love. Thanks for sharing this.

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