A blog I follow challenges a five minute writing prompt, with no editing, no rechecking. Just stop, drop, and write for five minutes and then see what happens. So I tried it, and here’s what I came up with. The theme this week was “Beyond.”

I want to look at a view beyond what we are so accustomed to. Beyond cynicism, beyond materialism, beyond sterotype. We need to view beyond the mask, like Jesus. Beyond the façade of the fake to the dry bones of brokenness. We need to move beyond small talk, to move to beyond acquaintance. We need to not be okay with Jesus on Sundays, but work to follow him beyond anything we have ever known. He will take us, and we will reach Him, if we go beyond what we know now. To the dust. Beyond beauty and find our ashes. Beyond our stature and find our knees. Beyond image and knowledge and class and find our home in the heavens, but our place in the world. Beyond what we see, what we hear, what our thoughts say, or our instinct. We need to serve beyond what our capacity tells us we should. Beyond what makes sense. Beyond what seems practical, logical and move toward radical, beautiful, illogical love.


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