Oh, marriage.

So here’s the thing. I’m getting married. I’m not just engaged, not just a fiance. I am going to be a wife very soon. I’m ready for the ups and downs, the “til death do us part.” I’m ready for the “living life together.” I’m ready.

But here’s the thing. I’m not ready for what being a wife really means. I have no idea what I am getting into when it comes to being a wife in a God headed household. And to be honest, Proverbs 31 sounds a little exhausting. Yes, I am so ridiculously excited to be embarking on this journey, and no, fear and anxiety are not clouding my thinking. I am looking at the reality of what I am committing to as a woman who will honor and fear the Lord and who will support and encourage her husband in the endeavors we embark upon together.

Already, I am finding that Dan and I are so independent, that it will be interesting to once and for all mesh our lives. I am strong-willed (since forever) and Dan is stubborn. But the thing is that in marriage, we need to love the other more than ourselves, our ideas, our dreams, our everything. I wish I could say that I’m good at this, but I recognize that I am such a selfish person in everyday life.

I recognize that if our marriage is not strongly rooted in Christ, then we will not find any satisfaction in anything we attempt to do, independently or together. I wish that I could say I know Christ so well, so deeply, that I unmistakably hear his whispers and follow his ways. I wish that I could say that Dan and I treated one another as Christ and the Church as we are called to do. I recognize that Satan desires to weave between us, so that Christ cannot be seen in and through us. Our deepest desire is to serve Christ with our lives and we believe that we are meant to do that internally within our marriage and externally among the world. I just haven’t figured out yet what that looks like for me. As a wife. As a woman.

Thank God for the beautiful women He has placed in my life to model what this looks like. So I would appreciate your sincere prayers (and any advice that you feel like imparting), dear friends, that I may be able to discern exactly what it is my role entails. I pray that I can serve Christ wholeheartedly within this role and I thank God that I have been given a beautiful opportunity to do it with someone so wonderful.

Please watch this video. It’s a beautiful description of what marriage exemplifies.


6 responses

  1. Lynnea I am so excited for you and Dan to begin marriage together! Lea and I are ready to walk beside you in this next phase of your life. Your willingness to be who God want’s you to be will cause you and Dan to accomplish great things. We love you both!

    • It has been so fun witnessing your marriage and all that entails and I can’t wait to go through the next 8 months with you guys and whatever life takes us through after that! It is so wonderful to have such great friends who have the same desires in their marriage as we do, and I love that we can hold each other accountable to that! Thank you both for being so wonderful and supportive! We love you both too!

  2. Recognizing the huge ministry and responsibility of being a wife is an amazing first step. Keeping that focus throughout your marriage will honor and glorify God, which I know is your heart’s desire.

  3. thank you for your words–you are prayed for. It is so so so so good and healthy to realize the amazing GIFT but also the amazing amount of WORK you are about to begin doing šŸ™‚ I highly recommend listening to Tim Keller’s series on marriage if you haven’t already šŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Christina has told me about Tim Keller’s series, but we have not been able to sit down and listen to it yet. We are reading Sacred Marriage which has had quite the impact on us already!

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