Overflowing Nets

Yesterday was a crazy day! It had been very long anticipated and was quite emotional for me to say the least. Why? Because yesterday was the Walk4Water. You might wonder why a walk would stir up so much in me, so I will explain. I have these friends. They are awesome women who run one of the best organizations I know! The organization, 4-More, cares for the plight of thousands and thousands of orphans living in Rwanda. They do this by providing the basic need of water, something we take significantly for granted.

For some time, I have studied and learned and studied some more about the country of Rwanda. I have learned of their deep struggles, of their overwhelming resilience, of their peace-making abilities. One thing that has been extremely difficult for Rwandans to overcome, is the massive amount of orphans raising one another without access to their most basic necessities. These orphans must walk 1-5 miles each way in order to collect dirty water. Something had to be done.

So 4-More chose to walk. This walk simulated what it would be like to walk in these children shoes (even if it was on a smaller scale). In talking with Christina from 4-More a few nights before the event, she told me what she had been praying for regarding this entire day. She had been asking God to go beyond what any human could tangibly do or expect, to fill their nets to overflowing the same way he did for the disciples in the New Testament. In the days leading up to the event it was more and more evident to me that he would do just that. Different companies had offered so many different services, that every single penny that would be raised would go directly to Rwanda.

The goal was $9,000. Enough for 3 water filtration systems in orphan villages. I continued to pray as Christina had been praying, that God would fill their nets to overflowing.

Guess what God did? He showed up in HUGE ways! The total raised yesterday was $18,000 and counting. Yes, double what was the original goal. He filled nets!

Yesterday, I saw Christ so evident in the people walking and in the women who organized the event. Prayers were answered in ways that weren’t even imaginable and only God can be given the glory!

“Religion that is pure and undefiled by God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27


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