Here we go…

I have decided to start blogging. Why, you may ask? I have discovered that I am probably one of least diligent people around, especially when it comes to things like keeping a journal. I also have discovered that I live so “in the moment” that I fail to process a lot that I see, hear, and encounter on a daily basis, and I am convicted of this frequently. I have always loved the written language, whether it be books, music, etc, but more recently I have taken to reading different blogs. I have found that these blogs have left their words on my mind and now I need a place to sort those words and make my own.

Entering the world of the blogosphere is a bit intimidating, but I thought I’d give it a try. So here we go (we meaning the 4 of you who have said you would read this blog attempt, and the rest of you who are kind souls)… This blog is now my journal, my musings, dabbles, inspirations, convictions– my searchings for something greater than I, my attempt at transparency, and my worship of the Holy Creator of this life.

I love to see beauty beyond the imperfect outer shell of whatever I encounter, and so I hope you might do the same for me.




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